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Old Dog Newspaper - Puppy Preschool - October 2016 Edition

December 30, 2016

Old Dog Newspaper - Puppy Preschool - October 2016 Edition

Puppy Preschool

by Brett Knowles

Welcome to the 1st Puppy Preschool! This month we are going to look at lures, and how they catch fish. A lure is a piece of wood or plastic (or both) that looks and acts like food to a bigger fish. Every type of lure has its own action, with some staying on the surface while others swimming many meters below the surface. Deciding on what lure to use is completely your decision, but there are many things you need to think about before tying your Old Dog Lure onto your line and trying to catch fish.

Where your target fish lives is the first thing you need to think about. Does it live in structure like Barramundi, or in the open like Mackerel or stuck to the bottom like a Flathead. The photos below show different types of structure. Take a close look and see if you can identify the different types. Then when you go out fishing see if you can see these types of structure where you are.

Once you know where your fish lives, you need to think about what it eats. The internet and your local library are great places to research where your fish lives, and what it eats.

Knowing where they live, and what they eat doesn't mean they will be at home or will be hungry when you next go fishing! Fishing with lures takes time and lots of practice, and lots of trips where you won't catch anything. But that is why we love fishing, it lets us spend time with family and friends with the chance of catching dinner.

Your next step is deciding what lure to use, and that question will be answered in next month's Old Dog Newsletter. If you have a question for Puppy Preschool to answer send Old Dog an e-mail and it will be included in a future newsletter.

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