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Old Dog Newspaper - October 2016 Edition

December 30, 2016

Old Dog Newspaper - October 2016 Edition

G'day from the Dog House, Well as usual I have been working like an Old Dog although I did have some time away from the Dog House in the past couple of weeks. Firstly, a big congratulations to Ryan Moody of Ryan Moody Fishing who caught his 2,000 one metre plus barramundi a couple of weeks ago. Well done Ryan! Ryan caught his first one metre plus barra on a lure made by me and now he has caught his 2,000 on one of my lures. I am so proud to be a very tiny part of his achievements. Thanks Ryan for having the confidence in my lures to use them for so long and especially at such a crucial point in time for you.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be starting work on the short legged Dane. The current Dane gets down to about 40 feet/13 metres. It will be fitted with the heavy duty hooks and rings - made tropical tuff! The short legged version is about 200mm in body length but will work in shallow water. I have had a few request for different types of lures such as small Bass lures and Murry Cod lures.  I am really enjoying the versatility of working with timber as opposed to making lures from plastic. In days gone by when we manufactureed our lures plastic and paid up to $30,000 for a mould you had 30,000 good reasons not to change things so it was imperative that you got it right in the beginning. Nowadays I can tinker as I have just done with the Guttermaster. Jamie Ware on Facebook said "They were kicking some major goals already" and they were but you should see them now!! I am getting great feedback on the improvements.
The month we are introducing a new column into the Newspaper. Brett Knowles approached us and suggested we do a section in our Newspaper for kids who are learning to fish using lures. Brett's thoughts were that when You receive your Old Dog Newspaper you would share the column with your kids to encourage and assist them to understand fishing using lures. We thought this was a great idea and we hope you do too!
Like most North Queenslander's Brett grew up around the water, with his early fishing days chasing Bream and Whiting with Yabbies and Prawns down at the local beach. During his high-school years he discovered lure fishing and spent many many enjoyable hours walking the weirs of the Ross River in Townsville flicking his trusty Barra Baits, which I designed many years ago, for the mighty Barramundi. He recently started teaching his young second cousin Ryan, lure fishing, and in doing so discovered that almost all information on lure fishing isn't directed at teenagers just starting out. After some discussions with Me and Mrs Old Dog, he agreed to write down his teachings to Ryan, and Puppy Preschool was born. Cheers Old Dog

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