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Jew Dog "Special Edition" Shallow - 150mm Handcrafted Timber Fishing Lure with Rattle

The Jew Dog is a handcrafted timber fishing lure with a rattle, full thru laser cut hook harness and 3D eyes. This lure was originally designed in the 1980's and reintroduced in 2016. This special edition is sporting a bit more bling - silver fins to give it that flash when being retrieved through the water and being born and bred in Australia we have put the Aussie flag on the tail.

This lure has a proven track record with catching big Jew Fish or Mulloway as well as the mighty Murray Cod.

The Jew Dog was designed primarily to be fished in the wash.  It casts like a bullet has a big lazy action and swims at about 1 to 1.5 metres.


Body Length:   150mm (5.5 inches)

Depth:             Shallow - <1.5 metres

Weight:           60g

Hooks:            2/0 3X strong VMC

Rings:             5H stainless steel.

Material:         White Cheesewood (Alstonia scholaris)

Please note:  All our lures are essentially handcrafted so there may be slight variances, each lure is unique.

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