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What lure to use?

December 30, 2016

What lure to use?

Puppy Preschool

by Brett Knowles

What lure to use?
Welcome back to the 2nd Puppy Preschool, this month we are going to start looking at lure selection. There are millions of different types of lures in the world, and in the Old Dog Lures range alone there is over 15 different models and 10 different colors. The 3 most important things to consider when selecting a lure are; How deep does it dive? How big is the lure? Finally, the color.
After researching your target fish, you know where it lives. So you now need to select a lure that will swim to where the fish lives. If you know a fish lives on the bottom, like a Flathead, you need to know how deep the water is that you are fishing. Once you know how deep the water is, you can select the right depth lure to use. Old Dog Lures makes this easy for you, they have the depth on the bib. But generally, the bigger the bib, the deeper the lure will dive. Modern technology like Side-Scan will tell you exactly how deep the fish are, but that is a topic for another newsletter.

Once you know how deep the lure needs to go, you now need to decide on the size of the lure. A popular saying is “Match the Hatch”. You want to select a lure that is similar size to what your target fish could be eating. A great way todo this, when you arrive at your fishing spot spend some time looking into the water, can you see any bait swimming past? If you see some Mullet or Herring swim past, what lure do you have that is the same size? If you don't see any bait don't worry, select a lure based on the type of the fish you want to catch. Small mouth = small lure, big mouth = bigger lure. Fish like Barramundi and Cod and a great big bucket mouths, so they will eat larger lures. But fish like Bream and Whiting only have small mouths so require a smaller lure. Your research is really important!

Now that you know the depth and size of the lure to use, next is color. Everybody has their own favourite color, and anyone will tell you that their color is the best in the world. So use what-ever color looks good to you. In dirty water use brighter colors (fluros, silver, gold, reds), and in cleaner water more natural colors (greens, blues, browns, silver).
Check out the Old Dog Colour range by clicking here - you can download a copy of the Old Dog Lures Product Range and Colour Chart.
Now that you have decided what lure to use, what do you do next? That topic is going to be covered in next month's Puppy Preschool. Just remember, “Small lures catch big fish, but big lures won't catch small fish”

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