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Mutt 130mm Deep 10+ Handcrafted Timber Fishing Lure

The Mutt has a body length of 130mm is handcrafted and comes in two depths shallow, 10+ It was designed essentially to fish my old haunts around the Townsville Harbour.

The 10+ is keel weighted with the center of balance forward of the front hook. 

The 10+ swims with a head down attitude and almost has a reverse gear when stopped.

The 10+ runs on the troll at approximately 3 metres and floats up tail first at about 30 degrees. Ideal trolling lure


Body Length: 130mm (5 inches)

Weight:           30g

Hooks:           #2/0 VMC 3xStrong

Rings:             4H stainless steel

Material:         Jelutong (Dyera costulata)

Please note:  All our lures are essentially handcrafted so there may be slight variances each lure is unique. 

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