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Rotty "Dam" Ripper - 150mm Handcrafted Timber

They say there is a first time for everything and this is the first time Old Dog has made this style of top water lure. A ripper is probably better known in Australia as a fizzer but we think you will agree that these fizzers will be rippers!

These Old Dog Rotty Rippers are not imported Bass lures converted to catch Australian species. They are built with big fish in mind and so come standard with VMC 2/0 - 6X strong hooks. They are timber bodied and fitted with stainless steel hardware, not plastic - built like a brick dunny!

To use these Old Dogs you can retrieve them across the top of the water at high speed or a slow walk the dog action - the props turning create a loud sound and LOTS of water movement. A very exciting visual way to fish but hang on and don't be like Brian... to read about Brian click here.

They come in two sizes a 150mm x 55g and a 100mm x 35g for the anglers who also likes to target  fish from the creek to the impoundments or reefs. 

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