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Rotty "River" Ripper - 100mm Handcrafted Timber

Rotty River Ripper: Handcrafted timber body fishing lure,  these dynamite lures will chop  through the water, the props cause a big commotion, attracting Mangrove Jack, Barramundi, Queenfish and Trevally. 

Perfect for the estuary angler who loves the feeling of a ferocious surface bite. The Ripper can be retrieved using short sharp bursts, pause and retrieve or steady continuous retrieve.  

A very exciting visual way to fish but hang on and don't be like Brian... to read about Brian click here.


Body Length: 100mm

Depth:            Surface 

Weight:          30g (approx)


 Old Dog lures are essentially handcrafted, slight variances may occur & each lure is unique.  


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