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Hook Protectors - Re-usable - Packet of 50 pieces

Stop your Old Dogs from getting tangled in your tackle box! Protect your Old Dog hooks from nicks...prolonging their life span. No more wasting time untangling lures during that hot bite now you can keep them separated. 

These hook protectors are made from durable plastic and are re-usable. They are spring loaded and won't fall off in your tackle box like the push on type may do. 

The small size hook protectors will fit treble size #10 #8 #6 #4 #2 and the large will fit #1 #2 #1/0 & #2/0.

The re-usable hooks protectors are easily removed by pressing the two green buttons on the side as shown in the picture. The green piece will pop out allowing you to remove the lure.

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