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Guttermaster 100 Deep 6+ - 100mm Handcrafted Timber Fishing Lure

The Guttermaster 100 6+ is designed to complement the other GM 100's in the range and cover that critical depth when trolling or casting to deeper structure.

This lure has been tested by some of the best Barra fishermen in Australia and has come up trumps.  It fits nicely into my preferred style of fishing, trolling and works well when cast along those weed beds in the impoundments.

Give one a run I think you'll be impressed.


Body Length: 100mm (4 inches)

Depth:            6ft or 2m

Weight:          20g

Hooks:           #1 VMC 6xStrong

Rings:            4H stainless steel

Material:        White Cheesewood (Alstonia scholaris)

Please note:  All our lures are essentially handcrafted so there may be slight variances, each lure is unique.

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