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Guttermaster 100 Deep 10+

Guttermaster 100 Deep 10+ Handcrafted timber body fishing lure, designed to troll through snags, rock bars and gutters for barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Yellowbelly and other estuary species. 

With it's tight action and moderate rise, the Guttermaster 100 Deep cranks down on the troll at approx. 3.5m, floats up tail first at 30deg and when paused, our unique reverse gear action kicks in to minimise snagging and increase opportunity. 

Body Length: 100mm (4 inches)

Depth:            10+ - < 3 metres

Weight:           25g

Hooks:            #1 Front & #2 Rear VMC 6xStrong

Rings:             4H stainless steel

Material:         White Cheesewood (Alstonia scholaris)

All lures are essentially handcrafted, slight variances may occur & each lure is unique.  

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