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16/10/2018 Koichi Tokuyama, Japan - Murray Cod - 116cm

November 26, 2020

16/10/2018 Koichi Tokuyama, Japan - Murray Cod - 116cm

I flew over to Australia just for fishing journey. I had a dream of catching 3 species of fish while I stay here which are Saratoga, at least 120cm Barramundi, and meter plus Murray Cod. I had a 12 day challenge at Copeton Dam. 

But it was really tough fishing there. I caught one very small cod on my 10th day but nothing else that made me nearly give up. On my last day, Mike Shelton told me to try Jew Dog from Old Dog Lures, and he took me out fishing on my very last evening. Finally, on my 7th cast, this 116cm Murray Cod took the Jew Dog. I managed to achieve my goal in Australia. I really really appreciate for such a great lure and my friend Mike.

That was one of the best day ever in my life.    Koichi Tokuyama


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March 10, 2022

"I cast  my Barra Snax into the school...and whack!"
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...not my personal best but it was one of the most memorable ones,
26/11/2018 Nick Thinee, Mt Isa - Barramundi - 117cm
26/11/2018 Nick Thinee, Mt Isa - Barramundi - 117cm

November 26, 2020

Nick is the youngest person so far to make the Honour Board.

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