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10/01/2022 Matt Closter, Bundaberg - Barramundi - 101cm

February 02, 2022

Matt Closter of Bundaberg holding a 101cm Barramundi Old Dog Lures Honour Board status

Matt was fishing Lake Monduran Qld and this is his story:

"Basically I found a wind blown point sounded a few good Barramundi while scanning through I tired off to a tree then started casting the 90mm deep Mutts, which cast brilliantly especially when there's some strong winds about.

The first Barra for the evening was a 91cm which it had engulfed right down the mouth. Once I landed the first Barra a few photos then released, checked over hardware of lure which held up perfectly, as you do when catching these solid fish, then started casting away again within 20 minutes whilst on the pause again the 90mm deep Mutt was engulfed again but this one was a lot bigger and not messing around it took me all  through trees and some nice aerials in this particular fight, all a bit hectic whilst doing the solo missions (which always makes a good story) once I landed it onto the deck I so stoked because it measured in at 101cm. It also had the Mutt right down the hatch. Once released also checked the 90mm Mutt out for any damages once again held up perfectly. 

That's not my personal best but it was one of the most memorable ones that is for sure."

Also in The Honour Board

Glenn Davis with a Threadfin Salmon 109cm - Fitzroy Gold caught in Rockhampton
28/02/2022 Glenn Davis, Rockhampton - Threadfin Salmon - 109cm

March 10, 2022

"I cast  my Barra Snax into the school...and whack!"
26/11/2018 Nick Thinee, Mt Isa - Barramundi - 117cm
26/11/2018 Nick Thinee, Mt Isa - Barramundi - 117cm

November 26, 2020

Nick is the youngest person so far to make the Honour Board.
25/02/2019 Cori Bassett, Cairns - Threadfin Salmon - 120cm
25/02/2019 Cori Bassett, Cairns - Threadfin Salmon - 120cm

November 26, 2020

Cori showed excellent skills in predicting the fishes next move

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