NEW litters arriving soon - BARRA SNAX Shallow, GUTTERMASTER 80 Deep, MUTT 135 Shallow


May 02, 2018

You've asked for it, you'ver begged for it, you've even gone so far as to use the puppy dog eyes but it has been worth it because it is finally here! So new it still wearing its baby fur.
Name: Guttermaster 60
Weight: 9 grams approximately
Length: 60mm
Depth: > 2 metres
Hooks: VMC #8
Rings: #2
Action: Plenty!

What is your favourite colour?

In the last Newspaper I hinted of its pending arrival and now I'm proud to announce it has arrived. I will be starting to add some paint in the next week or two. Colour what colours will it come it I Hear you say......

What colours would you like to see them in? Send us an email and let us know the colours you would like to see them in and I will choose a couple from your suggestions as well as some of our standard range.

This is the Guttermaster family so far.....

The Guttermaster comes in a 100mm, 80mm shallow and deep and now the 60mm. The 60mm is a deep version only at this stage.

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