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The BIG Mutt Shallow - 200mm Handcrafted Timber Fishing Lure

The BIG Mutt Shallow has a body length of 200mm and is designed primarily a BIG fish lure.

It tows well and swims well at 5 knots.  At 90g it casts like a bullet and carries some serious hardware as well.

It has a keel weight just behind the metal bib, sits with its head down and when stopped rises backward until it reaches its trim level.

The BIG Mutt will go well in impoundments, out wide and anywhere in between. 


Body Length:   200mm

Avg Weight:     90g

Hooks:            3 x 3/0 VMC

Rings:             7H stainless steel

Material:         White Cheesewood (Alstonia scholaris)

Bib:                 Metal

Please note:  All our lures are essentially handcrafted so there may be slight variances each lure is unique. 

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