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Meet the Guttermaster 100

September 12, 2017

Meet the Guttermaster 100

G'day Everyone,
As you would probably all agree time has been marching on and as always there never seems to be enough hours in this Dog's day. If you have been watching us on Facebook you will see we have been working on new products and it seems the more new lures we introduce the more we get requests for; other lure styles, lengths and depths and the list just keeps growing! It is what I love to do and I am loving the challenge!

Since introducing the Guttermaster 100 Shallow and 10+ we have been getting good reports from those buying them. They have already become fishos "favorite lure" and have been responsible for some good fish of many fish species across the board.
Above - This is Glen McIntosh so happy because he got this nice fish on his favorite Guttermaster then Photo on the right: Is Glen but he is not happy because he lost his favorite lure. Lucky we knew where there was more......
Another lure I have been working on and it is currently out in the field being tested is the BIG Mutt. We are trialing a two hook and a three hook configuration with different shaped bibs. The BIG Mutt is 200mm long and will be a shallow runner swimming around .8 of a metre. All reports back from the boys are excellent and I am excited about this one and so are the anglers looking for a heavier lure that can be cast a good distance.
This next lure I have been prototyping is the Guttermaster 60 - the bass boys have the pressure well and truly on me and there has been a lot of feedback about the best size - 45mm, 55mm 60mm and the bidding continues
This is the latest in the Guttermaster litter and is aimed at the bass market.
What's in the box? Well in a week or so Old Dog will be sending an email to all Newspaper subscribers telling them what is in the box! Watch out for it in your inbox.
Well we have welcomed some new Old Dog stockist on board. The Old Dogs can now be found in the following places:
  • Tool n Tackle Mount Isa
  • Mo-Tackle (later this month)
  • Master Bait & Tackle Cardwell

Welcome to those stores - we are enjoying working with you all, getting to know your store's needs and look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship with you all. We will be introducing a few more Old Dog stockists in the very near future.

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