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Born and bred in Australia to catch fish.

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What Our Customers Say

Sol Van Reyk

Faith in the strength and unmatched action by any other lure in its price range, #1 Dog

Andrew Bonora

Old dog lures are good for drains, snags everything and excellent hooks don't need to be changed like other lures. Timber made also gives them unreal action too.

Graham Knight

As a charter operator, I need a hard body that is easy to use and strong. The Old Dog Lure, is exactly what I am looking for. Strong, easy to use and affordable.

Troy Chippy

I have many lures, over three hundred, and I have many Old Dog Lures. I use them more then the rest because they catch fish and the lures don’t fail it's that simple . Great quality the best lures at catching fish - highly recommended from a fish alcoholic.

Anthony Garrow

When you buy Old Dog Lures to chase big Barra theres no need to upgrade the hooks they already have strong trebles as standard.

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