I’ve been kicking around creeks fishing and crabbing for as far back as I can remember and in 1984 Judi (Mrs Old Dog) and I took that passion, some would say obsession, and began manufacturing lures commercially.  We called our business Killalure.  Killalure products went on to become a household name with international recognition. They were exported to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and New Zealand, sold in every major tackle store in Australia as well as AMart, KMart and Big W.  We sold Killalure in the late 1990’s and stayed on to oversee the conversion to plastic until 2000.

We launched Old Dog Lures in 2014 with a desire to live a quiet life, stay small enough to enjoy doing what we love; handcrafting high quality wooden lures that work and have interaction with our customers.  I’m responsible for the design and manufacture side of the business while Judi is responsible for the customer service and administration.

Old Dog Lures are individually designed and crafted from sustainable timber.  The design concept usually comes from someone’s desire for a lure that will do a specific task, say run at 40’ at 4 knots.  We discuss what type of action they want and what species they are targeting.  From there the body profile is designed then weight placement and then the bib.

A note on design:  When it comes to lure body shape, like boats and aeroplanes, there are only so many shapes that will work.  What separates a good lure from an ordinary one is weight placement, tow point placement, bib angle and shape those four make up a lures DNA.  Get them right and it all works, get any one of them wrong and you’ve got a piece of stick or plastic.  It's easier to get them all correct in a plastic molded lure but to do it consistently in a handcrafted wooden lure is an art form. 

At Old Dog Lures we blend, a lifetime of fishing experience, a knowledge of CNC and CAD, traditional craft skills, collaboration with the end users and a desire to create so you can improve your catch rate and enjoy the fishing experience.

Old Dog Lures:

  • Use sustainable timbers
  • The highest quality hooks and components
  • Tank test every lure (except poppers and stick baits)
  • And strive for outstanding customer service

We guarantee our lures against faulty workmanship, faulty materials and to swim.  If your not happy we're not happy.



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